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Jacks Technologies provides best Testing Training courses in Marathahalli, Bangalore with most experienced professionals. We provide Selenium Automation testing in Bangalore at Jacks Technologies we designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting / enhancing a career in Testing industry. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Selenium and a thorough understanding of real-world projects.

Our Trainers are experienced industry professionals and working in Selenium and related technologies for more than 10 years in MNC’s, Our team of Selenium trainers offers Selenium Classroom training, Selenium Online Training and Selenium Corporate Training services, Selenium Webdrive Training. Students have the option to select the course timings according to their convenience.

Introduction to Selenium


Components of Selenium

Selenium IDE, Selenium RC

Selenium WebDriver & Selenium Grid

Selenium IDE

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Installation of Selenium IDE, FireBug & Firepath

Locators : id, name, link text, class, css, xpath, tagname

Creating your First Selenium IDE script using Record & Play

Selenium RC

Introduction to Selenium RC

Intro to Selenium RC Architechture

Selenium Webdriver

Introduction to WebDriver

Installation of Selenium Webriver

Creating your First testscript using WebDriver

Parameterising Tests using Webdriver & Excel File.

Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver

Usage of asserts,Selenium WebDriver Commands

Locating Page and UI Elements

Commands for Text-boxes, Buttons

Commands for Radio buttons, Check-boxes

Commands for Select tag/Lists/Drop-downs, Tables

Commands to deal with Alerts, Popups and Multiple Windows

WebDriver Wait Conditions(Implicit & Explicit Waits)

Automation Frameworks : What is Automation Framework & Benefits

Types of Framework : Fundamental Concept of Datadriven, Keyword Driven & Hybrid FW

Introduction to TestNG

Overview of Features of TestNG

TestNG Annotations : @Test, BeforeMethod, AfterMethod, AfterTest, BeforeTest

Test Case Priority, DependsOn

TestNG Results output folder

Writing TestNG test case using the above annotations

Overview of Selenium Grid

What is Automation Framework ?

What is Automation Framework ?

Benefits of Automation Framework

Types of Framework with Selenium


What is TestNG ?

Benefits of TestNG

Installation of TestNG

Creation of TestNG Testcase

Creation of TestNG Test Suite

TestNG Annotations

Annotations @Test, BeforeMethod,

TestNG Annotations : @Test, AfterTest

BeforeTest, BeforeMethod, AfterMethod

BeforeSuite, AfterSuite,

Usage of DataProvider.

Grouping Tests.

TestNG Results output folder

Sequencing : DependsOn, Priority

Datadriven Framework

What is DataDriven Framework ?

Benefits of DataDriven Framework

Design Principles of DataDriven


Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure

Build Utility Functions

Reading TestData From Excel

Writing test result onto Excel

Using Assert & SoftAsserts

Build Base functions & validation functions

Integrating all the components

Keyworddriven Framework

What is Keyword Driven Framework

Benefits of KWDFW

Design Principles of Keywork Driven Framework

Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure

Identifying keywords & creating excel

Building excel file – testcases, methods, Xpath, testdata

Build Utility Functions – getdata,putdata, getrowcount

Build Base functions & validation functions

Integrating all the components

Hybrid Framework

What is Hybrid Framework ?

Benefits of Hybrid Framework

Design Principles

Designing CORE FRAMEWORK Structure

Desiging the controlling excel file

Building excel file – testcases, methods, Xpath

Building excel file – test data for each feature

Building base functions

Using Assert & SoftAsserts

Integrating all the components

Page Object Model with Page


Concept of Page Object Model

Build Page classes

Build basic reusable functions

Implement PageFactory Design Pattern

Annotations in Page Object Model Page


Concept of inheritance in java

Using Assert & SoftAsserts

Integrating the components

Other Advanced Topics

Introduction to Maven

Features of Maven

Advantages of Maven

Introduction to Jenkins

Features of Jenkins

Advantages of Jenkins

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