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Jacks technology is a Bangalore based renowned training center that offers industry based comprehensive courses in both Embedded Systems and IT domains. We have a highly capable fleet of trainers with real time experience who design programs and train students helping them land their dream job, irrespective of the educational background. We lay a strong foundation of skills and offer intense training in the areas of Embedded Systems and IT including latest technologies like Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our industry tested course curriculum and the quality of our rigorous training in addition to the practical sessions and the support we provide for the interviews has resulted in a high success ratio for our institution. We always update our courses falling in line with the latest technologies and cover all areas of the technology such as testing, development and deployment. We also provide students with references hone the interview skills and support them during and after the training till they get to the best place they deserve.


Our Mission

As an educational institution, our mission is to provide the highest form of training to bridge the gap between the education that schools provide and the skills that industry demands which a student requires to thrive in the modern fast paced industry. We aspire to be leaders in delivering exceptional work force to the corporate companies proving beneficial to both the students as well as the companies.

Our Values

JACKS are client driven programming testing organization, which can be a solid accomplice for effective execution of your undertakings. We are best known for ability in execution and perseverance of business arrangements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the world a better place by putting into action the student eccentric programs which fulfils them the dream of working in IT by providing the best-in class trainings and to act as a quality provider of employees to the Software Industries

Our Team

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