Python Training in Bangalore

Python Training at Jacks Technologies is designed to give skills & knowledge for the students and to gain a competitive advantage in starting / enhancing a career in Python industry. Students receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Python and a thorough understanding of real-world projects.

The Python course has been constituted towards the needs of current industry standards. While we will continue to emphasize our own basic academics, we are also aware that our students require Python competencies that enhance employment and livelihood opportunities. Clearly the perspective of will be to continuously demonstrate the quality in the delivery of technology.

We are committed to provide high quality Python Training in Bangalore that helps the students and professionals in areas of Python through its innovative programs and outstanding faculty. Post Successful completion of Python Training Program leads to placement assistance and participation in campus placements.


  • Introduction
  • Why python?
  • Installing Python and versions
  • Interactive mode, creating and running programs
  • Blocks, Indentation, lines and commenting

Input/Output and Assignment

  • Printing
  • Input strings and numbers
  • Variable declaration and assignment
  • Operators
  • Expression and Code evaluation
  • Error messages

Flow Control Loops and decision making

  • While loop
  • For loop
  • if, else, elif
  • exit, break

Built in Data-Types

  • Strings and characters
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Files

Functions and Modules

  • Function declaration
  • Basic function
  • Pass by value
  • Modules

Error Handling

  • Except
  • Try, Except and raise exceptions

Basic Classes and Instances

  • Defining a class, basic class
  • Instance
  • Class Data
  • Properties


Advanced Python Contents

Classes and Objects detailed

  • Classes detailed
  • Constructors
  • Generators
  • Iterators
  • Decorators

Regular Expressions

  • Defining regular expressions
  • Compiling regular expressions
  • Using regular expressions
  • Match and find
  • Examples

Networking, DB and CGI

  • Networking, telnet and ssh
  • Database connection
  • Basic graphics


  • Special purpose parsers
  • Writing a recursive descent parser by hand
  • Parsing command limited lines
  • Parsing functions
  • Parsing names, phone numbers, etc
  • XML parsing

Multithreading and IPC

  • Multithreading and examples
  • IPC and examples


  • JSON

  • Parsing and examples

  • Logging and debugging again

  • Logging and debugging examples

Real Time Scenario

  • Http Scraping
  • Build log framework
  • Email Handling
  • XML Parsing
  • Project assignment (Different for each individual)

Interview Questions

  • Mock interview
  • Mock written test
  • Interview programs

Weekend Classes: Avaliable

Online Training: Avaliabe

Regular Batch: 2Hours Per Day

Fastrack Batch: 2-3 Per 10Days

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